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CRM Studies and Research

AARM provides studies and research on Customer Relationship Management, include (more...)

Training & Certification

Currently AARM offers several CRM training/bootcamp and certification program, as follows (more...)

Seminar & Conferences

AARM provides many ways for you to connect with your peers, experts, professionals, academicians and anyone interested in CRM world. (more...)


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The 12th Batch of Professional Customer Relationship Management (P.CRM) Training and Certification

The Participants of P.CRM The Participants of P.CRM One of AARM International – Indonesia Chapter programs, the Professional Customer Relationship Management (P.CRM) Training & Certification was coming back again. The program was organized by iSystem Asia – Customer Strategy Excellence Center, as the more...

Exclusive One-Day Workshop Series #1: “The One-to-One CRM Gap Analysis”

Workshop 1to1 ClassThe first task in turning your organization into a one-to-one enterprise is to assess your current situation. How far along are you, and how far do you have to go? What particular issues should you be working on first? more...

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Struggling with CRM – Time for a strategy rethink

CRM - Customer Relation Management

If one were to succinctly summarize the very real struggle that CRM companies are faced with today : it would be termed as haplessness in dealing with the tons of data that their systems churn out more...

What is Marketing Automation?


What is Marketing Automation? In layman’s term, marketing automation refers to programs or software used by companies to automate sales and marketing tasks that normally takes time when done manually. For many years now this method of automating repetitive more...

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